Our Story


We are today's generation of traveller. Constantly on the road for work and play, we treat airplanes like taxis, bridging cultures and distances to do what we love and make a difference. 

We make bags that master the complexities of a life on the road, that express who we are, and that align with values that we believe are important. 


Craftsmanship Vesper FaeringOur bags are created in our workshop in Vancouver, Canada. They are designed on insights from travellers, and focus on understated elegance, efficient travel and creating beautiful experiences.

From the durable and high quality materials to the leather detailing, our bags are crafted by a skilled team of craftspeople. Learn more about how your bag is made on our blog

Made Responsibly

Responsible Production Vesper FaeringEthical manufacturing is at the core of our business. We partner with social enterprises, such as Common Thread, who provide sewing skills and training for individuals with employment barriers.

We are conscious of our environmental impact, and manufacture on-demand only bags that are needed, wanted and will be used. We use a lean manufacturing process, further reducing waste in our production and supply.



The Team 

Vesper Faering Founders Michael Brown Andrea DragerVesper Faering was founded in 2015 by Andrea Drager and Michael Brown, building on our experience working and playing in over 35 countries and racking up millions of frequent flyer miles. 

We love to explore, build, and innovate, and want to help you #winattravel. 



We hope you will join us on this journey. 

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