The Vesper Faering bespoke bag collection

Our bespoke bag collection is designed to be completely customizable to fit your on-the-go lifestyle.

Our pricing model reflects the materials and craftsmanship that goes into each bag that we create. We offer a large variety of colour fabrics and pocket styles, so that you can design your perfect bag.

Our costs vary with the sourcing, production and finishing of the differing options, and our objective is to make sure that you control the cost of your design – so that you’re only paying for the style and functionality that is truly important to you.

Please note that our prices are currently in $CAD. We accept payment from around the world, and your credit card will charge you the equivalent in your local currency at the time of purchase. 


Classic Style Prices

The Sidecar Toiletry Kit: From $149 to $209 with all of the options (monogram, premium fabrics and premium pockets)

The Sazerac Tote: From $169 to $370 (including all add-on functional products, monogram, second inside pocket and premium fabrics)

Each classic style can be customized with many colour, fabric and pocket options included in the base price. Shop our latest colours!


Premium Option Add-Ons
  • $20-80 Premium materials; patterns, textures or limited editions
  • $10-40 Premium pockets; lined with premium materials or features that are intricate or time-consuming to produce
  • $20 Monogram personalization; elegantly engraved leather monogram (Sidecar), or embroidered monogram (Sazerac)


Special Requests

We are also very happy to discuss any special customization requests such as personalized inscriptions or custom embroidery. Please get in touch with us at with your request.


Corporate Gifts

A Vesper Faering bag can be a truly unique corporate gift, with personalization options and corporate branding potential. Please get in touch with us at to discuss how we can put together a perfect gift experience for your company.


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